Wednesday, 26 November 2014

50 Ways To Keep Calm and Happy

1. Sit down and have a cup of tea. << my go-to.
2. Just take a minute to breathe. Breathing is everything.
3. Spend time just reflecting on the positives.
4. Stress at work? Take it in your stride. You can only do your best!
5. Retail therapy is THE BEST therapy (providing you've got enough £££!)
6. Start writing your thoughts down in a journal.
7. Face masks: Nails: Hair: Skin. Have a good old pamper session!
8. Step outside - whether it's hot or cold - and just get a little fresh air. Fresh air, fresh thoughts.
9. Let's be real... you're gonna need some chocolate.
10. ♪ Listen to classical music 
11. Get back in contact with an old friend; reminisce and let bygones be bygones.
12. Go and sit in a coffee shop for as long as you need to have a good c h i l l  o u t.
13. Sit down with your uni/school work and just do it one page at a time. There's no rush.
14. Just have a good loooooooong chat with the person closest to you; about everything.
15. Get yourself a camera, and go snapshotting EVERYTHING.
16. Have sex! (I'm not being cheeky, it says it on here that you should! )
17. Bag up your old clothes and sell them on eBay or give to a charity shop :)
18. Go out in the rain, then come home and have a bath and get dried off. It's the best.
19. Give your house a a big clean and tidy. Tidy surrounds = tidy mind!
20. Make a surprise trip to see your family/best friends/partner.
21. Go to the gym and let off some steam. Let it all out on the punch bag!
22. Do a Freddie, and hoover your whole house whilst screaming Queen songs. It works, trust.
23. Fancy a drink? Invite over your #1 hun and make your own cocktails.
24. Get on Facebook and delete all the toxic people in your life; you don't need it.
25. Buy some flowers or a house plant, and take proper care of it <3
26. Take up a therapeutic hobby; knitting, songwriting, sketching, scrapbooking etc.
27. D  o  n  '  t    T  a  k  e    L  i  f  e    S  o    S  e  r  i  o  u  s  l  y   .
28. Swim in the ocean - or your local swimming pool - and just float. Weightlessness.
29. Sit down at your computer, go onto YouTube and watch a long chain of hilarious videos.
30. Have a good cry, just let it all out if you need to.
31. Hot chocolate. Marshmallows. Whipped cream. Chocolate sprinkles. Need I say more?
32. Exercise! Go for 5 mile long run - or just back and forth to the shop for chocolate and cake.
33. Listen to some Bon Iver... I tell you, Justin Vernon has a voice to make anyone calm!
34. Read a book on The Amazon 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime List << there's some FAB ones.
35. Make a blanket fort and watch your favourite childhood films.
36. Creative outlets. Make a music video to one of your favourite songs, sew, knit, paint, write!
37. Have an early night. Get cosy and watch your fave film in bed. (Hot chocolate optional ofc!)
38. Do something crazy. Something totally out of character.  You might even like it ;)
39. Stop chasing those people that don't care. You're worth way more than that.
40. E M P O W E R    Y O U R S E L F.    Y O U    G O    G I R L   /   B O Y  !!
41. Look at your life through an outside perspective - things can be pretty poo but they can get better.
42. Go into the kitchen and make yourself a big healthy salad... or a big fat pizza. That's down to you!
43. Seek out a deep-set passion of yours, and make. it. happen.
44. Make a biiiiiiig list of all the things you should be grateful for.
45. Get organised. Get a planner, write down your annual goals, sort out your finances.
46. One of the most important ones: smile. Even if you don't really feel like it.
47. Don't dwell on your mistakes - what's the use when you can't change the outcome? :)
48. Make a mood-board for your dream home. What's your kitchen gonna look like?! (Yes, I do this)
49. Live for the day! You'll never get this day again, so do whatever you want to do. No hesitations!
50. Take a second to remember that you are fab, and when things try your patience and you feel like you're in over your head... just remember, that you've got this in the palm of your hand. 

What do you think is missing from this list? Let me knoooow!

Friday, 24 October 2014

October 2014: My Favourite Place

Hello my loves!
Ohhh yes, it's been a while. Standard me: leaving things very late. I wanted to start a bit more of a persistent and consistent approach to blogging for a change. I noticed how much more organised I was when I was blogging more frequently - so I'm going to binge post to get me back into it.

So what I'm going to do - nothing too adventurous - is just give you the low-down on my favourite place this month. And some of you may find this completely sad and pathetic: but it's my new room! But most specifically, my desk.

When I moved into my room I didn't have a desk so I bought this cute little white one from Argos for £50 - which does the job just fine. I love white furniture, it's just looks so clean and pretty to me. I was thinking of doing a desk tour, is that something anyone would be interested in? Let me know!

I sit at my desk to do my work, watch Netflix and ITV player, and of course write this little blog. I can sit at my desk with a completely clear mind and say 'Right Chlo... lets do your work.' or 'Right Chlo, enough work, let's watch Coronation Street.' ...usually more of the the latter.

If anyone was interested at all, here's the links to the things you can see in the photo They're all very inexpensive!

Hello Kitty Cup (& Coaster!)
Hole Punch
'This Week' Planner by Emma Bridgewater

Hope you're all fine and dandy - and I'll be back soon enough!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Chats with Chlo | Anxiety

This is something I'm wanting to address on a personal level. I've been wanting to post this for a while, but struggled to find the words. So I wanted to tell you, probably one of the biggest parts of me... a part that some people closest to me don't even really know much. I suffer with anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder.

When did it start?
Since I was about 12 years old, I've always felt paranoid. Self-conscious. Worried. I put it down to the fact that my body was changing as I was growing up, and I thought that it was completely normal. Which really it was. But this stemmed into a huge web of feelings. I started to worry about really really REALLY pointless things. I'd become panicky in my head over actual and hypothetical situations to the point of being short of breath, sweating and feeling dizzy. It's only in my later years that I recognised this as anxiety. I know that a ton of people suffer with anxiety on very serious level, and I'd like to think that mine is manageable... sometimes.

What triggers my anxiety?Anything can trigger it. I know it's completely irrational, and that is what frustrates me the most. I'll give you a little example. Let's say I get on a bus, and it's a long journey. Any normal person would read a magazine, or listen to music wouldn't they? Not me. Some people might find this hilarious - but I really do have a problem with such a simple task as this. I don't like to read in public, because I have a fear that I have a really ugly resting/concentration face. I don't like to listen to music in public in case it's too loud and upsets others (which could cause conflict), or that I'm subconsciously heavy breathing (which would be embarrassing to me). A lot of it is rooted to the fact that I am mostly unhappy with my appearance.

How does anxiety and BDD affect my day-to-day life?
I have a love-hate relationship with myself; sometimes I like to be alone at University, and sometimes I really rely on being with people to feel comfortable. I wouldn't say I have a lot of friends at Uni. Back to the irrational thinking, simple things like sitting in lectures can trigger my anxiety. For example, I could be sat alone in a lecture and the people I know could be sat on the other side of the room and some days I could think 'Why don't they want to sit with me? Do they not like me? Am I boring/annoying? Maybe I look bad today, I knew I shouldn't have worn this today...' which then you can imagine stems into a list of worrying. It really isn't normal, and I know that now.

I am a million times better than I used to be. If anyone I know at work/uni/anywhere actually reads this then I really don't want you to be cautious or wary with me. And I'm sorry if I say something awkward or weird, but sometimes I really just can't control it. If you feel anything like I do, there's a huge network for people that suffer with social anxiety, personal anxiety etc. I've read up about it on Anxiety UK and particularly I found this self-help workbook on Moodjuice useful to look at as well.

This took a lot for me to write, and this is kind of like a public confession... and I guess that's it, really. So if you've read all of this, then thank you. And I promise my next blog post won't be so self-involved. Until next time, guys!