Monday, 18 August 2014

Where On EARTH Have You Been, Chlo?

I really am rubbish at this blogging business! I know I say this every blog post, but I seriously am going to be a bit more pro-active. I've been super busy lately, as I've got a summer job and it takes up literally all my time! So for this, I'm just gonna post a few pictures and give you a little caption. So, Chlo, what on EARTH have you been up to?!

Getting My New House Stuff Ready!
I'm moving into my new student house on either the 12th or 15th of September. Let me tell you; I am SO excited. I'll obviously be taking photos and letting you know how I've kitted out my room. This was taken before I moved in, so none of this is me. I bought some cute cushions the other day for that little white sofa, and I was almost squealing with excitement.

Freshers Festival 2014!
At my University, there's an annual organised sequence of events, usually aimed at the brand new freshers to urge them to make friends. To be honest, I never really did this when I started (Despite this technically being my third year!), and I feel like I need to experience it at least once; so yep. I mean, I've always gone out with my friends during freshers week, and took full advantage of all the nice offers and discounts they're giving to 'us freshers'. It's okay, I don't need to grow up yet...

Erm... Healthy(ish) Eating?
I'd absolutely love to tell you that I've been eating healthy this Summer. But I really haven't. Well, not super strictly. I feel like when I'm at home, I'm not strict enough with what I eat - so when I get back to Uni, I'm gonna be more pro-active with the healthy eating and exercise. WHO'S WITH ME? 

Poorly Poorly Chlo!
I had a solid few days off work because I was feeling so so poorly. At first I thought I had tonsillitis - my glands were so swollen and it hurt to swallow. I'd been to the doctors for some antibiotics and they'd sent me to have some blood tests - but never fear, I'm all better now. 

Unexpected Day Off Work & Trip to Birchwood!
Yesterday I was getting ready for work, when I got a phone call off my manager saying that work was closed for the day because of weather conditions. Which as much as I need the money, I didn't mind too much. I ended up helping my Dad's girlfriend move her daughter out of her house - we were well rewarded for all our help, with a fabulous pub lunch... and then a huge slice of cake. If you're on a diet, look away.... NOW!

Like seriously. How could you NOT have any of this cake?! It took me three sittings to eat it over the course of the entire day, and I ended up throwing the rest away because it was just too much to deal with!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I'm Making A Change!

I've decided to concentrate on my health and lifestyle. It's taken a few horrible things to have happened to make me want to change something about it, but I'm assured I want to try again to lose a bit more weight. 

My first thought was 'Christ, I'm at work a lot of time, I'll come home and be knackered, if I barely have the energy to blog, what makes you think you can go to the gym and eat healthy all the time?!' so I thought how can I combine the two? So here we are. 

It doesn't look like a lot right now, but this is what I'll be blogging on for a little while in Summer. Meet my secret alter ego, Chubby Bunny. I thought it sounded cute and not so self-loathing. I don't have a huge amount of followers, so I don't mind you guys knowing that it's me but for some new folk... I quite like the idea of being semi-anonymous. If some of you are interested in fitness, weight loss, or just healthy lifestyle - just pop on over, give me some advice or let's get chatting. I could use all the help I can get really. 

If anyone at all is interested in following me on my weight loss journey (however short-lived or long-lived it will be!), just click the buttons below. I'm hoping to post at least twice a week, maybe on a Monday/Tuesday then at the end of the week so Friday/Saturday. And in between all them, I'm gonna be blogging on here every other week... because to be awfully honest, not a lot is going on right now in Chlo world! 

I know this community is supportive, strong and all round fabulous people - so let's spread a little love, ey? :) 

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Sometimes It All Gets A Bit Too Much | Zoella

via MoreZoella

This is something I wanted to share with you all.

A lot of you are Blogger bold and proud, and don't really venture into the YouTube vlogging community. But with her considerable growing popularity, I'd say that most people are aware of the girl featured in this video: Zoella.

However... she's not just Zoella. She's also, first and fore-mostly, Zoe Sugg. She's just a girl. She's 24years old, she's creative and artistic, she lives in Brighton... and she has 5 million YouTube subscribers. That is amazing. 5 million people - individual people! - have subscribed to her channel, where she posts make-up and hair tutorials, funny challenges with her other YouTube friends, vlogs in a Day-In-The-Life style. Some people who aren't too familiar with the YT community will think 'Why does she have that many people watching her, if all she's showing us is how to do your make-up?' but she does sooo much more than that. People look up to her, people are inspired by her: she's the 'Little Big Sister of the Internet'.

With all of this success and fame, - there's no other word to describe it really! - must come with what feels like 5 million people's worth of pressure. Could you imagine that? Because I really can't understand to the fullest how that must feel. The pressure to always create happy, pleasant and professional content. The pressure to always look perfect, and say the 'right things'. The pressure and expectations to upload your videos specifically on this day, and hope that most of the viewers will like it. And if they don't? Well, we'll all know about it in the comments. 

I really do encourage you to watch the video embedded above. Even if you're not a particular follower of Zoella, or the YT community. You can see first hand the pressure that the media can have on someone - and that life just isn't perfect. Not one person in this world is perfect, and that is including Zoe Sugg. Or Tanya Burr. Or Alfie Deyes: whoever you watch, not one of them is perfect. It's just a fact of life. Out of the kindness of her heart, Zoe shares these nice moments with us. It was good - not to see her crying! - to see that sometimes she is sad, sometimes she might be angry: she is only human. Like all the other YouTubers that so many of us idolise.

We're all only human... so let's cut each other a little slack, okay? :)

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