Sunday, 22 June 2014


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Do you ever feel like you should be a person who has it all figured out and you have everything set out in stone? I feel like I really should be organised, and I'm forever telling people how they should have a 'routine' for everything. But truth is, right now at least, I'm neither organised or have a real routine.

However, I'm on my way to fixing this! I've just got a summer job in my hometown, as a photographer. It's awesome, and I really think I'll enjoy it - it's fast paced, busy and the people are so nice. I literally started last week, but unfortunately I've been poorly and it's come along and buggered it all up! Don't you just hate that?!

Here's a little list of things I'm gonna do to get myself into a routine:

1. Have a pamper session every Sunday or Monday evening. (I really don't do it enough!)
2. Try to blog in my spare time or days off of work.
3. Aim to eat at the same time every day, and try not to eat after 8pm. (And try not to eat rubbish!)
4. Drink more water!
5. Write down my shifts in my diary.

Not huge changes, but they need to be done! This time last year I had a great routine for my blog, because I was participating in the 30 Day Snap Challenge that Louise from SprinkleOfGlitter started - that was soooo much fun! I may start a July/August edition. I think August would be more ideal, as there's not a lot going on for me in July!

I hope you're all having a fab summer so far!

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  1. I feel exactly like this- I need to got organised when I start my GCSE's in a few months! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. I feel the same- I need to balance my time between Uni work and free time! I'm also with you on drinking more water!
    I'd love you to check out my blog, as I'm new here :)
    I've followed you on Bloglovin :)
    - Grace's Beauty Space xox

  3. I'm very unorganised, I'm forgetful too. Those two traits don't go well together, I just have everything I need to do floating around in my head and if I remember it's a miracle! I really should get more of a routine in place especially as I work full-time and don't make the most of my free time! xx